Our Belief

At Scapable, we strongly believe that every individual is full of potentials, capabilities, innovative ideas etc., however, most of them in a country like India struggle to identify and nurture them. There are various contributing factors to this, like absence of activity-based learning in schools, mere or no recognition/encouragement from family/society, not identifying and recognizing one’s talents etc. right from their childhood.


As a result, Organizations are stranded with minimal choice to choose candidates with desired skills. This widens the gap between available human resources and job-ready resources. While the gaps in technical skills can be taught, gaps in soft-skills and behavioural-skills can be arrested only when self-realization happens in an individual.


We at Scapable understand the andragogical learning thoroughly. We help individuals self-realize and identify their potentials and areas of improvement. This way, half the work is done. During the workshop sessions, we facilitate learning and as adult learners, they become self-directed, internally motivated and ready to learn individuals. This way, the other half is completed achieving the organization’s desired results.