What is Scapable?

The name ‘Scapable’ originated from the action words ‘Scalable’ and ‘Capable’, revealing our intent of enhancing one’s soft skills and behavioural capabilities through customized learning and measuring the outcome of that learning.



Who We Are?

We are a soft-skills, behavioural-skills and image-consulting (learning) academy, a start-up to be precise, delivering training from small scale to large scale organizations, corporates, institutions like schools and colleges etc.

Our Founders

Scapable Learning Solutions is a seed sown by our founders Meyyappan Meenakshisundaram and Vimal Vaidyanathan who worked with MNCs for over 15 years in different domains and having expertise in the areas of Image Consulting, Human Factors, Andragogy & Pedagogy Methodologies, Science behind Behavioural Skills, Soft Skills and Leadership Skills, Learning Styles etc.

Meyyappan Meenakshisundaram

Vimal Vaidyanathan

Mission, Vision & Values

To help people self-realize their strengths and weaknesses in soft-skills and improve for personal & professional success thus reducing the gap between required skills and actual skills.

To be a prime driver of people’s soft-skills management in India and help businesses & institutions reduce hiring costs through practical and inclusive learning.

Inclusivity, Practicality, Integrity & Ethics, Innovation, Consistency.