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Who we are
Scapable Learning Solutions is a seed sown by our founder Meyyappan Meenakshisundaram who worked with MNCs for over 15 years in different domains and having expertise in the areas of Image Consulting, Human Factors, Andragogy & Pedagogy Methodologies, Science behind Behavioural Skills, Soft Skills and Leadership Skills, Learning Styles etc.

Vision, Mission & Values


To be a prime driver of people’s soft-skills management in India and help businesses & institutions reduce hiring costs through practical and inclusive learning.


To help people self-realize their strengths and weaknesses in soft-skills and improve for personal & professional success thus reducing the gap between required skills and actual skills.


Inclusivity, Practicality, Integrity & Ethics, Innovation, Consistency.
Meyyappan Meenakshisundaram
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